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Mulch is used primarily as a top layer for soil to help suppress weeds and conserve soil moisture. But mulch can do a whole host of other things too, including:

  • Add organic matter to your plant beds
  • Reduce erosion
  • Improve the structure and fertility of the soil
  • Stabilize fluctuations in soil temperature

Find the right mulch and topsoil for you

As you can see, it is an absolute must-have for any keen gardener which is why, here at Outdoor Living by Memphis Pool, we carry garden mulch in a range of different colours (black, brown, and cherry) to ensure backyards across West Tennessee look beautiful and vibrant for as long as the seasons will allow.

Here at Outdoor Living by Memphis Pool, we serve customers with mulch from Collierville to Memphis. Head to our store today and get all the mulch and topsoil you need!

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Outdoor Living is located at 468 W US Highway 72 in Collierville TN. It shouldn’t be difficult to find, but if you do encounter any problems, you can always give us a call and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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